Agrippa – ‘Man Fridays Alternative Night’ MixTape

Heathen Earth (Sheffield University 1980) – Throbbing Gristle
Headhunter – DBS
Celestial Symphony – Scubadevils
Bloodsport – Skold Vs. KMFDM
Alien Angels – Miro Pajic
Rule Forever – Blac Kolor
Audigast – Square7
Noise – Stahlnebel & Black Selket
Burn Your Radio – DSX
Mad Wights (Deepth Remix) – Human Decay
Ursuppe (Liebknecht Remix) – Architect
While Others Cry – Future Sound of London (The)
Chic-O-Laa – Silicone Soul
Relax (The Ollie J Remix) – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Bruderschaft – Laibach
Open up (Radio Edit) – Leftfield ft. John Lydon
I Am Freak (Radical G Remix) – Liebknecht
Black Clouds Separated – DSX & Sid Lamar
KDX 125 – Pet Shop Boys
Skin Deep (Feat. Lahannya) – Soman
Ontological Discord – Divider
Spock (Regis Remix) – VCMG
Shrapnel (RBN Mood Music Mix) – Komor Kommando
Grinder (Revisited) – Pain Machinery (The)
Energy Flash – Beltram
Be U 4T – Peace Division
BabyNeedsCoke – Northborne
Trans Siberian – Juno Reactor
Tokyo Traffic – Hexstatic
Underground – Rhythm Masters
Café De Flore (Charles Webster’s Latin Lovers Mix) – Doctor Rockit
The Chant (Saeed Younan Remix) – Baggi Begovic
Tied Up – Yello
Pleasure Boys – Visage
Dont Go (Remix) – Yazoo
Trans Siberian – Juno Reactor
Heathen Earth (Sheffield University 1980) – Throbbing Gristle

Agrippa’s ‘Passions of the Mind’ – Now & Then Mish-Mash Practique Playlist (11/04/2015) by Agrippa (Aka Jabba The Shed) on Mixcloud