Agrippa – Halloween Set for 007 Evolution Radio

Laibach – Vade Retro Satanas
Orbital – Satan (Industrial Mix)
Electric Hellfire Club, The – Satan’s Little Helpers
Alien Vampires – Satanic Propaganda (S.N.T.F. Rising)
:Wumpscut: – Women and Satan First
Tactical Sekt – Devil’s Work
Mas-Si-Osare – The Devil’s Whore
Suicide Commando – Conspiracy With The Devil
God Module – Devils Night (Modulate B-Ket Mix)
Red-Line – Satans dice
Nano Infect – I Am The Devil
Freaky Mind – Satan Is Going To Visit This Party
Digital Crash – The Devils Disciples
Arsch Dolls – Devils (Instr. Rmx)
Deadlight Massacre – Where The Devil Lives
Laibach – Sympathy For The Devil (Soul To Waste)
Angelspit – Devilicious
Alter Der Ruine – Keep The Devil Off Your Back
God Destruction – In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas (Voixnoire Hell Remix)
God Destruction – Son Of Satan
!Distain – Instructed By the Devil
[DEW] – Dancing With The Devil’s Daughter
Reaper – She’s A Devil And A Whore
Invisible Devastation – The Devil
X-In June – The Devil
Ivardensphere – Devils
Aesthetic Perfection – The Devil’s In The Details (Go Devils! Remix By Modulate)
Hermetic Vessel – Her Soul is Damned (It’s God’s Law)