Agrippa – Agrippa’s Passions of the Mind LXV for 007 Evolution Radio

None of Us Are Saints (Intro) – Lab-4
That Cold, Dark Evening – C/A/T
Sveti Urh – Laibach
Cut to See How Much I Bleed (EK Remix) – :Wumpscut:
My Door is Open – Nitzer Ebb
Naennaisdemokratiaa – Oldschool Union
New Society Dictation (Herbst’s Rockstar Remix) – Industriepalast
Lose Control – Enter And Fall
Retroman – P89
Touch The Cold Glass (Feat. Xev of Diffuzion) – Aesthetische
Close Enough – Biopsy
Revenge – Suicide Commando
Dunes Of Rust – Dive
Would You Buy This? – Rotersand
Glock 17 – Acylum
Collapsing New People – Fad Gadget
The Secret Life Of Arabia (Billy Mackenzie) – British Electric Foundation
Turkiye – Laibach
Yashar – Cabaret Voltaire
On The Cross – Noir Magnetik
Rote Riki – Cluster
T.V.O.D. – The Normal
S. A. X. – Yello
Juicy (Tankt Remix) – Angelspit
Blach Leather – Klinik
Less But More (To The Core Mix by Aesthetische) – Aesthetische
Teardown – Sys-Hex
The Shape Of Things To Come – Hocico
Signal – Patenbrigade Wolff
Dont Know – Rotersand
Fear Itself – C/A/T (DXM)
Boule (Viens Ici) ! – Ptôse
F.I.A.T. – Laibach