Agrippa – Private Event (7 Hour set – 70% requests)

Music To Piss You Off (SAM Remix) – C/A/T
Smashed (Party Mix) – C/A/T
Starting the Madness – SAM
Mad as Hell – SAM
World of Shit (Soman Remix) – SAM
Buzz Camper – SAM
Eating Glass – SAM
Arm of Justice – SAM
Endkampf – SAM
24 Stunden – SAM
Enemy List – SAM
Black Rubber Dance – SAM
Fatherland (Shame Mix) – Die Krupps
Germania – Laibach
Wat (Iturk Mix) – Laibach
Ende – Laibach
Bad List (Studio-X Electro Remix) – Ayria
Once You Say (Studio-X Electro Remix) – Nitzer Ebb
Party (Ft Rachel Haywire) – Studio-X
Antichrist – Studio-X
You’ll Never Get This – Studio-X
Bells Of Revolution (Steve Thomas Mix) – Lemon 8
U Got It (Original Club Mix) – Alex K
Are You All Ready – Tony de Vit
Higher [BK Mix] – Cortina
Let Me See Ya Move [Hardbeat Mix] – IQ
Horny Horns (Club Mix) – Perfect Phase
Venus (Meant To Be Your Lover) Tiesto Remix – DJ Cor Fijneman Ft Jan Johnston
The Dawn – Tony De Vit
Bad Ass – BK
Operation Blade – Public Domain
Talking About God – I:Gor
Accelerator 1 – Technohead
It’s Not A Love Song (Studio-X Hard Dance Remix) – Freakangel
Pagan Love Song – The Virgin Prunes
Heavens a Lie – lacuna coil
Evangeline – The Mission
Ditch The Rest (Angelspit Remix) – Angelspit
I Could Not Stop For Death – Das Projekt Der Krummen Mauern
Violence – Dr. Arthur Krause
Scared Ghost – Notoy
Sonne (Clawfinger Remix) – Rammstein
Dying Morality (Blank Stare Mix) – C/A/T
Psalm 69 – Ministry
Metropolic Frenzy – Palindrom
Der Mussolini – Deutsch Amerikanische
Mindfuck – SAM
Imago – X-Rx
The Nobodies (Holy Wood) – Marilyn Manson
Spasmolytic – Skinny Puppy
Psydrugs – Arkimedes
Christmas Evil (Alternate Mix) – C/A/T
Culture Shock – Cektore
Chemical Skies (Alternate Mix) – C/A/T
The Rogue Pair (Manufactura Remix) – C/A/T
Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson
Risk (Operatic Intro) – Die Krupps
Parasite (BFQ Remix by Uberbyte) – C/A/T
Synthetic Vision – SAM
Assimilate (R23 Remix) – Skinny Puppy
Training (Reaper Remix) – SAM
Invisible – Ayria
Haifisch – Rammstein
Shoot To Kill – C/A/T
Halluzinogen – SAM
Wirtschaft Ist Tot (late Night Mix) – Laibach
Girl On The Floor – Ayria
Wirtschaft Ist Tot (Metal Mix) – Laibach
Just One Fix – Ministry
On Fire (12″ Version) – Revolting Cocks
Demon Seed – Nine Inch Nails
Jesus Christ Superstar (Random Logic Mix) – Laibach
Wasting Time – My Sister’s Machine
Children of the Night – Nash the Slash
Links 2 3 4 (Left 2-3-4) – Rammstein
Cari Amici Soldati – Laibach
Dying Morality (Dancing Morality Mix) – C/A/T
Numb (Desensitized Remix by Manufactura) – C/A/T
Noizemaker (Redemption Mix) – C/A/T
Stars & Stripes – KMFDM
Antigeist (Interlude) – Skold Vs. KMFDM
Das Spiel Ist Aus (Ouroborots Mix) – Laibach
God Is God (Diabolig Mix) – Laibach
Wir Tanzen Ado Hynkel (Zeta Reticula Mix) – Laibach
Jagerspiel – Laibach
Keine Lust (Black Strobe Remix) – Rammstein
Crackhead Waltz – X-Rx
Wirtschaft [R. Hawtin Hardcore Noise Mix] – Laibach
Smrt Za Smrt (Octex Mix) – Laibach
Tanz Mit Laibach – Laibach
Du Hast (You Have) – Rammstein